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Composers Concordance Trio @ The Brooklyn Waterfront Artist Coalition  ​​

-  CCT will perform a full concert of new compositions

Composers Concordance Festival II  

- 'The growing diversity of music' Five concerts in a one week period. Ending with he first Composers Concordance Chamber Orchestra

 Pitches at an Exhibition  

-  Composers and visual artists collaborate 

Composers Concordance Ensemble at WPU

-  Comp. Cord. Ensemble is the ensemble -in- residence at WPU. This year we focus on songs and solos


- Composers Concordance Ensemble performs at the Museum of Natural History 

 featuring Valerie Coleman of Imani Winds and poet Roger Bonair-Agard

           Contrast Concert series "Squeeze vs. Scratch"  

- Our annual Contrast concert series will pit Accordion a  D.J. feat.William Schimmel & Di.j. Noizepunk 


The Composers Concordance Quintet  presents a concert of contemporary chamber music

Generations III 

- Our 3rd Annual Generations concert and competition. Feat. works of 2 competition winners one under 25 one over 65 years of age. 

Ladies First 

- Our 2nd Annual concert at the Bohemian National Hall celebrating female heroes across the board .  

June 14th 2013, Bohemian National Hall, 321 E 73rd Street 

 Spectrum Composers Concordance PRESENTS

- Composers Concordance will present many concerts at Specturm throughout the year . The concerts will include CD releases for Comp Cord Rec.,

special composer features, open rehearsals, Jam sessions, Thematic concerts and much more

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